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You Might Be an Encapsulation Specialist if You Find Yourself Thinking…

  • You own more than 4 books on placenta, alone. You take placenta trainings for *fun*.
  • There are placenta photos on your FaceBook page because you see the beauty in them.
  • You can tell which hospital sent home which placenta by packaging alone!
  • Tincture? Oh you should! The placenta gift that keeps on giving!
  • You’ve pat your own self on the back for jarring 200+ capsules on a single placenta.
  • Heart shaped placenta make you happy but twin placentas make your heart flutter and rush!
  • You can spot the difference in a vaginally born placenta vs cesarean born placenta.
  • You get excited when you have a request for placenta prints too. Oh, the possibilities!
  • You’ve grossed out multiple friends and family members, too often at the dinner table, sharing your joy at the last placenta you encapsulated.
  • You own multiple Styrofoam containers and ice coolers and you don’t *ever* camp or picnic.
  • You cringe at the thought of a big beautiful placenta being wasted and thrown into the bio-hazard bin in the hospitals..
  • You’ve found yourself asking a mother, “Do you want a small piece of your placenta cut off for smoothie before I encapsulate?”
  • You measure umbilical cords for sport! Always trying to find that record breaker for longest or shortest.
  • You have to control your urges to ask anyone with a new baby, “What did you do with *your* placenta?”
  • You hear phrases like Shiny Schultz, Dirty Duncan, Velamentous and Lotus and you know exactly what they mean!
  • You make a game out of guessing the baby’s weight by examing the placenta and you’re spot on, a good bit of the time!
  • You’ve asked, “Honey, would you run up to the store for me? I’m out of ginger, lemon and peppers.”
  • You’ve warned your children or significant other, “Don’t eat the thing in the blue Tupperware! It’s a placenta.”
  • You’ve thought to yourself, “Wow. This one is engorged. I’m guessing no delayed cord clamping.
  • You feel like there’s nothing more spiritual than the “Tree of Life” on the fetal side of the placenta.


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