Emergency Birth Kit *

When you’re prepared, you’re more confident. When you have a strategy, you’re more comfortable. ~Fred Couples

Should you purchase an emergency birth kit?

Are you a woman with a history of fast labor and birth?

Are you the daughter of a woman with a history of very fast labors and birth?

Do you have a long traveling distance to your intended birthing location?

Do you plan to labor at home before leaving for the hospital?

Are you a Labor Doula who wants to be prepared just in case the baby is born quickly?





    • 1 Emergency Childbirth Pamphlet (step by step instructions)
    • 1 Large plastic backed underpad to protect surfaces
    • 1 Hand Sanitizer
    • 2 Pair Exam Gloves for receiving baby
    • 2 Disposable Towels for drying baby
    • 1 Receiving blanket for baby
    • 1 Newborn baby hat
    • 1 Suction bulb for removing fluids from baby’s mouth and nose
    • 1 Two Gallon size Ziplock Storage bag for placenta
  • 1 Pair disposable Postpartum Underwear w/protective padding for flow


$35 FREE Shipping included.

*This emergency birth kit is intended as an emergency back up plan used only until help arrives via midwife or emergency transport team. Consult your licensed pregnancy care provider for questions and concerns.

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Emergency Birth Kit
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